who are we

Al-Manar Herbs is one of the leading companies in dried agricultural products and it matches the conditions for all of its customers, individuals and companies. The company's management implements the export shipment at competitive prices and provides the highest level of product quality through an elite of experienced and follow the process of exporting the products to the country of arrival


who are we

من نحن

Our goal

Raising the level of weed quality and purity of residues and impurities to expand the base of importers all over the world and obtain customer satisfaction from both sides of quality and price at the same time

Our message

Focusing on quality, we strive to develop our products to meet the requirements of customers today and in the future, in order to reach the highest possible quality

Our vision

Achieve leadership among import and export companies around the world and reach the mind of the consumer as our preferred choice by providing leading and distinguished products bearing a trusted brand

About Us

We have dealt with companies in Germany – Russia – Romania – Netherlands – Greece – Bulgaria – China – Jordan – Saudi Arabia – Tunisia – Bahrain – Iraq – Emirates – Kuwait – Palestine

We have been working in this field for 20 years and we have a team with expertise in efficiency and quality standards apply where the purity of our products reaches 99%

The company is registered with the National Food Safety Authority

Certificates obtained by the company

ISO 9001 and ISO 22000