Our product

Our products include


We have the finest types of herbs that have been processed with high quality of the best varieties of plants and all specifications and standards are observed


The high-quality seeds are extracted with a high degree of purity according to specifications and standards, and this is what we provide in Al-Manar Herbs.


Manar herbs spices are one of the best types ever because they are prepared by an elite group of professionals and distinguished


The Corporation shall store grains and their derivatives and process them in silos and their facilities in a manner that guarantees their preservation

Al-Manar products Herpes .. for quality title

Our mission .. to satisfy our customers

The satisfaction of our customers with us is a very important matter and we strive in every way to reach the satisfaction of our dear customers by providing all their needs in the shortest time.

Our motto .. Quality first

Quality is our motto, and therefore, we at Manar Herbs are keen to produce high-quality products that meet the aspirations of our dear customers

We are always with you

We are always keen on continuous communication with our customers. Our relationship with them does not end once work is finished with them, but we remain connected with them in the after-sales service.

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